The GOP Big Lie that the election was stolen from Trump

Blog Post Date: Jan 24th, 2021

Blog Post Last Update: Jan 24th, 2021

The Big Lie - Hitler wrote about it in his book Mein Kampf

Trump was a fan of Hitler and his book

Trump and the GOP used the "Big Lie" that the election was stolen

They all know that it is a lie, but push it because the OAN, Fox News, Newsmax audience is dumb enough to buy it

Senators pushing the Big Lie

Josh Hawley Ted Cruz Rand Paul Mike Rounds
Tommy Tuberville Lindsey Graham Rick Scott John Kennedy

Congressmen pushing the Big Lie

Madison Cawthorn Mo Brooks Andy Biggs Paul Gosar
Kevin McCarthy Scott Perry Lauren Boebert Marjorie Taylor Greene

Misc. GOP pushing the Big Lie

Rudy Giuliani Jenna Ellis Sydney Powell Lin Wood