Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert

Blog Post Date: Jan 10th, 2021

Blog Post Last Update: Jan 26th, 2021

Lauren Boebert didn't graduate high school

Surely, there should be minimum qualifications for a Congressman?

Poorly educated criminal with a long rap sheet and a GED is not good enough to represent hundreds of thousands of people!

Lauren Boebert's mile long rap-sheet

Lauren Boebert pushing the Big Lie

Does she have ties to White Nationalist terror groups?

This needs to be investigated!

Did Boebert gave tours of the Capitol days(s) before the siege (during a pandemic and to whom?)

Also, did she lie about it?

Boebert's communication director resigns just two weeks into the job (why?)

This is damning! Panic buttons removed in democratic Rep. Pressley's office. Democratic Reps. AOC and Pressley targeted

GOP Reps giving tour of the Capitol to MAGA Invaders, the day before. WHY?

Is she insisting on taking her gun into her office at the Capitol?

This is madness. So, does she want to provide the gun(s) to be used in the next assault on the Capitol?

Was she live tweeting Peolosi's location during the Capitol invasion, endangering Pelosi's life?

Calls for arrest, expulsion, resignation

Losing Big donors