Inside Job?

Was this an inside job?

Blog Post Date: Jan 10th, 2021

Blog Post Last Update: Jan 26th, 2021

DC National Guard commander had his authority restricted ahead of the riot. Why?

Did Trump campaign divert $2.7 million to the Capitol Invasion organizers?

Stories breaking today (22nd) seem to indicate that it is the case

Just in time for the impeachment. A slam dunk case. Only a traitor that hates America and our democracy would not vote to impeach Trump, if this evidence is conclusive.

Oath Keepers had a plan to capture and murder democratic congressmen and senators

Leader Caldwell was arrested on the 19th; Court records show that Caldwell was getting inside info on the location of house members

Members of various terrorist groups (Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, Proud Boys, etc.) arrested after the Capitol invasion

Hmm! A congress woman seems to be know some of these people that have been arrested. What is going on? This needs to be investigated!

Did MAGA invaders have help from the inside?

This is damning! Panic buttons removed in democratic Rep. Pressley's office. Democratic Reps. AOC and Pressley targeted

GOP Reps giving tour of the Capitol to MAGA Invaders, the day before. GOP Reps found in senate areas of the Capitol. WHY?

They seemed to know where exactly to go to get to Pence, Pelosi, Clyburn's offices

They came chanting 'Hang Mike Pence'

Giuliani, Tuberville and Trump -- what was going on?

Republican AGs from various states were urging people to march to the Capitol

This has been planned from December after Trump got shellacked in the elections by 8 million votes.

They came prepared -- zip ties, noose, tactical gear. They planned to capture and harm / kill congressmen and senators

Rep. Cori Bush calls for expulsion of Republicans who incited the attack