Plot to overturn the 2020 Elections

Trump and a DOJ Lawyer plotted to overturn the 2020 Elections

Blog Post Date: Jan 22nd, 2021

Blog Post Last Update: Jan 26th, 2021

DC National Guard commander had his authority restricted ahead of the riot. Why?

Is Trump now trying to intimidate Senators so that they don't vote for impeachment?

Democrats want to investigate the Trump pressure campaign on DOJ Officials

Trump wanted the help of SCOTUS to overturn the 2020 elections

Did GOP Rep. Scott Perry plot with DOJ lawyer Jeffrey Bossert Clark and Trump to overturn the 2020 elections?

This should make impeachment a slam dunk. Any senator that doesn't impeach is a traitor

Note: Trump's campaign also paid $2.7 million to the organizers of the Capitol protests / riots to prevent Biden's certification by Congress

Federalist Society now possibly tied to failed Trump coup?

DOJ Lawyer is Jeffrey Bossert Clark

Douchebag Bossert was also the one who helped Trump in his rape lawsuit against E. Jean Carroll

GOP Rep. Scott Perry (already in trouble with the PA State AG)

Trump had also urged the GA Sec of state to overturn the election results

Trump asked the GA Sec of state to find 11,780 votes to help him steal the election in GA. It is all on tape here

All living ex-Defense secretaries were worried that Trump had some crazy plans!

Senator Graham had also urged the GA Sec of state to overturn the election results

Did Trump campaign divert $2.7 million to the Capitol Invasion organizers?

Stories breaking today (22nd) seem to indicate that it is the case

Just in time for the impeachment. A slam dunk case. Only a traitor that hates America and our democracy would not vote to impeach Trump, if this evidence is conclusive.